Our Promise

To provide a shopping experience like never before -

MeanBuy exists with the sole purpose to give customers the ability to choose their own price while scheduling a product delivery, therefore, enabling the customers to pay the best suitable price for a product. Later the delivery date, lower the price you pay - Using the price slider opiton pay the actual price for a quick delivery but a lower price for a scheduled delivery by sliding through the slider to see the prices change according to your preferred delivery date. 

We promise to deliver exactly what our name suggests, so shopping on MeanBuy (Mean-average, Buy-purchase) with an average price for purchase and 100 % satisfaction for good quality products is both, safe and secure - guaranteed! 

We also work towards providing a solid platform for local and small scale vendors to put up their goods for sale giving them the liberty and the time to make the products available as per the customer's scheduled delivery date. No matter what price a product is sold for, MeanBuy makes sure that everyone is benefitted.